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Twin Infants Suffer Head Injuries After Being Struck By Car in Miami Beach

Twin Infants Suffer Head Injuries After Being Struck By Car in Miami Beach
February 27, 2018 The Accident and Injury Team

A car struck an entire family while walking on the sidewalk along a South Beach street, police said. Five people were injured in the crash including two infants, two men, and a woman. Both babies suffered head injuries in the crash.

Police said a 29 year-old driver drove his Mercedes-Benz onto the sidewalk on Meridian Avenue near 18th Street hitting three adults and the newborn babies who were in a stroller together. The twin infants remain in neonatal intensive care unit after being struck by the car in Miami Beach.

The twins were born three weeks ago and just three weeks later the family’s lives were turned upside down by the unfortunate crash, a Miami Beach police officer said.

All five were rushed to the hospital where one of the men was immediately taken into surgery for internal bleeding. “He has broken ribs, broken clavicle, and a deep wound in his elbow,” the police report said.

The twins are still in the neonatal intensive care unit with head injuries. One of the twins is able to feed on her own but the other twin remains on life support.

“Just pray. Pray for us because we have a little tiger with us. He’s fighting a lot,” the babies’ father said.

Miami Beach police arrested the driver after the crash. Police said the driver told them he’d taken a Percocet and detectives said he seemed high at the scene of the crash. Reckless driving charges are pending.


Dr. Brian Elias, from The Accident and Injury Team, comments on this crash.  “This is very sad to see that an entire family was injured in this crash.  It appears that the cause was prescription drug related.  We hope that everyone quickly recovers, especially the babies. If you are unsure of what to do when you’ve been involved in an accident, please give our team a call.  We can treat your injuries and also, if you wish, refer you to a very competent attorney in case you have a legal claim.  Since we are NOT an attorney referral service, we have no interest in your legal claim beyond trying to help you obtain the best attorney to help you.”

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