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SUV Crashed Into Douglass Park Playground, Louisville

SUV Crashed Into Douglass Park Playground, Louisville
February 27, 2018 The Accident and Injury Team

It was reported by Louisville Metro Police Department that a Mazda SUV crashed into Douglass Park Playground near Caroline Ave.

According to the information gathered from eyewitnesses, the SUV driver seemed either to have lost control of the vehicle or was drunk. He also could have been distracted and preoccupied by receiving a call while driving.

It was reported by LMPD that the driver left everyone puzzled on what really happened in the red-colored SUV. For over 2 hours he was unconscious due to the extent of the crash. He was transported to the nearby hospital.  According to a report from LMPD it is not yet known if he is responding to treatment.

The bumper and the headlamps were ripped-off. The hood was severely squeezed. It was evident that the radiator had been damaged as hot water spilled all over the area of the crash. The front right tire arm was bent inwards.

One of the eyewitnesses reported to a police officer that it happened so suddenly. “He sped into the neighborhood apparently not noticing the corner near the park. So swiftly that within split seconds there was a crash that pushed down the perimeter wall of the park”.  At the scene first repsonders were treating various injuries.  Some of those injuries were to arms, shoulders, heads and necks.

The route across Carolina Avenue and Ellerbe Ave was closed down after the crash.


Dr. Brian Elias, from The Accident and Injury Team, comments on this crash.  “It’s very serious accident with injuries on Carolina Avenue.  It was stated that the driver that caused the accident was either distracted or possibly impaired.  We hope that the investigation is quickly finished and that the injuries to those that survived this crash aren’t too severe.  If you are unsure of what to do when you’ve been involved in an accident, please give our team a call.  We can treat your injuries and also, if you wish, refer you to a very competent attorney in case you have a legal claim.  Since we are NOT an attorney referral service, we have no interest in your legal claim beyond trying to help you obtain the best attorney to help you.”

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