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Several Severe Injuries in Lower Roxbury Accident On Melnea Cas Blvd

Several Severe Injuries in Lower Roxbury Accident On Melnea Cas Blvd
February 23, 2018 The Accident and Injury Team

It was reported by Boston Police Department’s spokesman that several people were in critical conditions after the two-vehicle crash on Melnea Cass Boulevard.

The spokesmen said the crash involved two SUVs – a silver BMW X6 and a black Lexus LX. The crash occurred between Ramsay Park and Madison Park Village along Melnea Cass Blvd located off Tremont Street, in Lower Roxbury. The names of the victims have been withdrawn while the authorities confirm their identity.

First responders arrived at the spot of the crash soon after the crash happened. The victims were transported by ambulance to a local hospital.

It is reported that four men and a woman were involved in the two-vehicle collision. The woman was reported to have a possible fracture of the left hand. The driver of the BMW X6 left the scene unconcious.  The rescue crew at the scene did indicate that they didn’t think he had life threatening injuries.

The crash shut down Melnea Cass Bvld close to Washington Street, causing traffic to stop. Cars were seen pulling into nearby side streets such as Harrison Ave and Shawmut Ave. Others continued on Tremont Street, pulling into Hammond Street and others onto Ruggles Street to bypass the site of the crash.  The crew could not identify the victims at the scene, therefore the details of the 5 people involved were not immediately released.


Dr. Brian Elias, from The Accident and Injury Team, makes a comment about this accident.  “At this time is isn’t cleared what caused this accident.  In our experience there are many possible reasons.   No matter who was at fault we hope all parties seek and received proper medical care.  We hope that the investigation is quickly finished and that the injuries aren’t too severe.  If you are unsure of what to do when you’ve been involved in an accident, please give our team a call.  We can treat your injuries and also, if you wish, refer you to a very competent attorney in case you have a legal claim.  Since we are NOT an attorney referral service, we have no interest in your legal claim beyond trying to help you obtain the best attorney to help you.”

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