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Motorcyle Rider Suffers Head Injury In Wreck In South Beach On Espanola Way

Motorcyle Rider Suffers Head Injury In Wreck In South Beach On Espanola Way
February 24, 2018 The Accident and Injury Team

A teen was hospitalized following a crash in the 200 block of Espanola Way, South Beach.  He balanced on a motorbike with one knee, front wheel in the air, and flew down the road sustaining serious head and internal injuries in a wreck that ensued.

The fearless 19-year-old sped east toward the intersection of Washington Ave. He looked over his shoulder, according to a Miami Beach police officer sitting in a patrol car about a block away, and crashed into the rear of a vehicle heading east on the same road. The right rear wheel of the car dislodged from the rim. He went flying off his motorbike and sustained serious head and internal injuries, police said. Authorities said he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

The victim was promptly transported to the hospital by Rescue Crews.

A Miami Beach resident who witnessed the wreck told newsmen that it was “a sad but all too frequent incident.” He also cited that the riders have no regard for traffic laws. Many of the bikes are built to be ridden off-road, not on city streets, he said.  In Miami-Dade County, there are scores of riders and a core group of 20-somethings who lead the county’s riding scene, said another resident. It’s enough to cause concern. There’s a need to ride safely, he said.

In an official statement, a police spokesman appealed to riders to ride safely in the city by always wearing their protective gear. Failure to do this puts the riders and other drivers at risk. Parades of riders on motorcycles, ATVs and dirt bikes have caused headaches for Miami residents and police for years. “The stunts aren’t safe,” he said, adding that the bikes aren’t meant to ride on the streets in the first place.


Dr. Brian Elias, from The Accident and Injury Team, comments on this crash.  “It is very sad to see an accident like this that could have been avoided.  Non-street legal motorcycles and ATV’s shouldn’t be driven on city streets.  But when they are, accidents will happen eventually which will cause various injuries.  If you are unsure of what to do when you’ve been involved in an accident, please give our team a call.  We can treat your injuries and also, if you wish, refer you to a very competent attorney in case you have a legal claim.  Since we are NOT an attorney referral service, we have no interest in your legal claim beyond trying to help you obtain the best attorney to help you.”

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