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BMW Motorcycle In Accident On Fairground Road In Louisville

BMW Motorcycle In Accident On Fairground Road In Louisville
March 2, 2018 The Accident and Injury Team

2 people on a 2014 BMW K1300S motorcycle struck a 22-year-old man on Fairground Rd, near Josh Lobe Plugins, police said.

According to Louisville Metro Police Department, 3 men; a pedestrian, a motorcyclist and a passenger was injured in a motorbike crash. The crash happened at the corner near Villa Fair Rd. It was reported by an eyewitness that the motorcyclist must have exceed the speed limit around the Fairground Road bend.

A pedestrian was reportedly walking by the side of the road with his two friends when he was struck by the motorcycle.  At the scene of the crash, it appeared that the motorcyclist had lost control of the bike it was reported. “They started swerving through the corner while we attempt to run out of the potential crash incidence. It was unfortunate that my friend got caught up in the crash”.

The bike fell on the side of the road while the two people on the bike were thrown off of it. The bike then hit the pedestrian that was attempting to escape the crash.

First emergency responders arrived at the crash site as soon after 911 was called.  The passenger sustained minor injuries to the shoulder and back.  The pedestrian and the motorcyclist were taken to a nearby hospital.


Dr. Brian Elias, from The Accident and Injury Team, comments on this crash.  “It’s unfortunate that there were this many injuries in this accident in Louisville.  We hope that the investigation is quickly finished and that the injuries aren’t too severe.  If you are unsure of what to do when you’ve been involved in an accident, please give our team a call.  We can treat your injuries and also, if you wish, refer you to a very competent attorney in case you have a legal claim.  Since we are NOT an attorney referral service, we have no interest in your legal claim beyond trying to help you obtain the best attorney to help you.”

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