Pain has no time limit. Call (800) 877-5000 today!
Pain has no time limit. Call (800) 877-5000 today!

About Us

Our Mission

We strive every day to make our patients feel like family. We listen to your problems and take the time to accurately diagnose what’s wrong, and then execute the proper treatment plan. If needed, we can take a group approach via conference call with our entire team, so that when you come to us, you’re getting over 50 years of combined experience! We have almost seen it all.

Car accident? Sports injury? Chronic pain?

Healing Begins Here

Our facilities are loaded with strength training and rehabilitation therapy equipment to handle most injuries caused by car accidents or sports. We treat extremities from the shoulders and elbows to the ankles and knees, and we do this usually without the use of addictive pain medications or high-risk surgeries.

What We Treat

We treat the entire body. We have the doctors, the equipment and the desire to provide the highest quality chiropractic and sports injury care. Our concept is to treat with hands-on manual techniques; stretch, mobilize, and then strengthen to keep you healed so you won’t have to return for the same problem.


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