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2 Pedestrians Severely Injured In Eagle Hill Accident

2 Pedestrians Severely Injured In Eagle Hill Accident
April 20, 2018 The Accident and Injury Team
Boston Car Accident

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) reported that two pedestrians sustained severe injuries on the head, back and legs in the accident.

Police say two pedestrians walking on White Street towards Putnam Square Park were struck by a car and the cause of the accident is still unknown. The authorities did not specify why driver of the car might have struck the pedestrians but there are conflicting reports as to the cause of the accident. Some witnesses say the driver apparently lost control. Others say that both pedestrians stepped into the road unexpectedly.

One witness reported that the driver of the car slammed his brake and swerved while trying to avoid hitting the pedestrians.

The pedestrians both sustained life-threatening injuries while the driver suffered injuries on his head and complained of pains on his back and hip. The pedestrians were transported to a nearly hospital and the driver was treated at the site of the accident.

Authorities reported that investigation is still currently under investigation and no charges have been filed yet. The names and identities of the victims of the incident were not released.


Dr. Brian Elias, from The Accident and Injury Team, commented on the crash.  “This type of accident involving two pedestrians is very unfortunate and we are very sorry to hear about the severe injuries sustained by the victims. Both minor and major crashes can lead to sever neck and back injuries and we urge that all of the parties involved seek medical and legal professional help. Please do not wait until you are in sever pain to seek assistance from professionals who know what to do in situations like this one.”

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