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2 Officers Involved In Separate Crashes On I-64 Westbound In Louisville

2 Officers Involved In Separate Crashes On I-64 Westbound In Louisville
February 19, 2018 The Accident and Injury Team

All westbound lanes are blocked on Interstate 64 after two officer-involved wrecks, and several other ensuing collisions.

These incidences happened during daylight hours by Metrosafe. The first call came in that a Louisville Metro Police Department’s officer was involved in collision. This collision took place on I-64 westbound at 9th Street. The cause of this crash is unknown at this time but there were injuries.

A few minutes later, an Indiana State Police Officer was also involved in a wreck in the same area.  It was on I-64 westbound at the 1.9 mile marker. This was just after the Sherman Minton Bridge. These vehicles were not the only ones that were involved in the crashes. The cause of these non-life-threatening crashes was ice on the roadway.

The extent of the injuries is not known from either crash involving the police officers at this time.  However, many cases similar to these car accidents have caused whiplash and back pain.   Also the extent of the injuries to the other drivers that were involved in these crashes has yet to be released.

Metrosafe did advise of several other wrecks that have been reported in the area due to ice on the roadway. The westbound lanes were therefore shutdown at 3th Street. All Louisville travelers moving in or out through any road should also take note of this to avoid accidents that can cause injuries.


Dr. Brian Elias, Chiropractor with Big A Chiropractic in the Louisville comments about this accident on Taylor Blvd:  “It’s unfortunate to see two of local police officers involved in crashes.  It appears that ice on the roads is a factor.  Please be careful driving but also walking on ice which can cause a slip and fall accident.  We hope that their injuries aren’t too severe and that they have speedy recoveries.  If you’ve been injured please give our office a call.  This way we can schedule a consultation to accurately diagnose what’s wrong and then we’ll execute the proper treatment plan.”


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