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Elias Chiropractic & Sports Medicine
Dr. Shannon Gonzalez
1035 Riverside Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32204

Office: (904) 738-7944
Fax: (904) 647-7061
Email: Click Here

Bay Harbor Isles

Brian Elias DCM, LLC
Dr. Jason Gallow
1111 Kane Concourse #204
Bay Harbor, FL 33154

Office: (305) 868-8977
Fax: (305) 397-8296
Email: Click Here

Miami Lakes

Brian Elias DCM, LLC
Dr. Jason Gallow
5803 NW 151st Street
Miami Lakes, FL 33014

Office: (305) 868-8976
Fax: (786) 378-5059
Email: Click Here



Big A Chiropractic
Dr. Aaron Sloan
3218 Commerce Center Place
Louisville, KY 40211

Office: (502) 708-2920
Fax: (502) 618-2388
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Big City Chiropractic & Sports Injury
Dr. Megan Bratton
1855 Dorchester Ave.
Boston, MA 02125

Office: (617) 533-8902
Fax: (617) 533-7814
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Philadelphia Chiropractic & Sports Medicine
Dr. Megha Patel
263 North Lawrence Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Office: (267) 909-8883
Fax: (267) 909-8915
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